Hola & welcome

on the homepage of the Finca Lucendum in La Marina / Elche.


We, the Finca Lucendum, are Gisela "Gisi" Soefner (retired schoolmaster) and Ralf Neumann (retired detective) and of course our animals


Over 10 years ago we decided to emigrate with our two dogs, to spend the rest of our life under the sun of Spain. When on of these dogs escaped we searched for him in all Perreras (Killing-Stations) nearby. There we recognized the poor misery of the animals in Spain.
We had to do something! Our life changed immediately!

After having built our beautiful Finca, we saved littly by little dogs from the Perreras to find new familes in Germany or in our region.
Here you can find now also horses, ponys, goats, gooses, ducks, chicken and a pig. Most of them are put out to grass here, because their health does not allow them to change place again.
Every sunday we are presented on the market of the Urbanisation La Marina / San Fulgencio near Alicante with our stable to sell second-hand articles. With the earnings we pay a part of the veterinary bills of our animals.
If someone had told us before our emigration to Spain, how we will spend our life here, we would have announced him as daft. ;-)

We hope you enjoy our homepage!

Gisela Soefner & Ralf Neumann